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As a Virtual Assistant, I provide the flexibility and cost structure to suit your business needs.

I work on a self-employed, contractual, basis, and am responsible for my own tax and National Insurance.

Please find below details of how I charge for my support.

Putting together two pieces of jigsaw

Ad-hoc rate: £25 per hour

Retainer rates:

  • 10 hours per month: £240
  • 20 hours per month: £460
  • 30 hours per month: £660
  • 40 hours per month: £840

Travel is charged at £0.45/mile, or for the cost of a standard train fare.

All incidental costs, such as printing, postage and packaging, are charged at cost.

It is possible to agree to other pricing options, including daily rates and project rates. These would be based on the pricing structure above.

Terms and Conditions

Know the rules

All assignments require signed contracts and Non-Disclosure Agreements before work can commence.

I use time tracking software to record the length of time spent on each project.


  • Invoices are submitted on monthly basis, and payment terms are within 14 days of submitting the invoice.
  • Ad-hoc work is invoiced in arrears and in 15-minute increments (rounded down)
  • Retainer and project rates are invoiced in advance
  • Prices are reviewed 1st April annually