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What motivates you?

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What causes you to do the things you do? What lies behind the decisions you make?

Is it money, protecting your family, wanting to be the "best" in your area of expertise, or perhaps the desire to prove other people mistaken in their preconceptions of you?

We are all making decisions, either consciously or subconsciously, in how we spend our time, in how we prioritise our time, and in how we decide to move forward with our lives.

But we aren't always clear on why we make those decisions. We can often find ourselves so busy or so pressurised, with an increasing burden of responsibilities, that we simply don't have the time or energy to have a conscious awareness of why it is that we do what we do.

And so we are vulnerable. We are vulnerable to the knock-backs, the pressures, the demands we face. We are vulnerable to losing sight of what we had hoped to achieve. And we are vulnerable to our decisions being based on reaction rather than as a part of our strategy.

Clarity of motivation gives us more control over our decisions. It gives us more energy and ultimately more success in what we hope to achieve. It enables us to plan how we structure and prioritise our time. It can help to protect us from feeling disheartened when we face disappointment.

I work as a Virtual Assistant. And I strongly believe that working with someone from my profession whom you trust, allows you to have the time and opportunity to recognise what motivates you.

A Virtual Assistant is there to be your right-hand person in understanding what you want to achieve and to thereby work strategically in supporting you.

In so providing you with time, a Virtual Assistant enables you to be the better version of yourself – the person you aspire to be.

So I come back to my original question – what motivates you?